Web Services

Understanding the whole new Web World is critical for Web oriented Enterprises. Enterprise shift to the Web Services Paradigm changes the way Enterprises Strategize and Communicate with Partners and Customers. To evolve as an enabler of Enterprises Collaboration, the Web Services Technology for your organization must ensure Security, Reliability, Interoperability and Extensibility among Applications and Platforms.


Organizations today are faced with evolving technology challenges in defining and building custom web based systems tailored to your business needs. Utilizing best of breed Open Source tools and technology, delivering flexible, next generation solutions that are reliable, easy to maintain, secure and modular for further enhancements – is the primary competency that organizations look for in the web development partners.

How Cloud Future Technology Helps
Cloud Future Technology has the experience of building a large portfolio of web development solutions for start-up, mid-market as well as enterprise clients. Our teams are adept at effectively capturing understanding your business requirements to build high performing web solutions seamlessly integrated into your business operations.

Cloud Future Technology’s expertise in Web Services development lies in PHP, Java and Ruby-On-Rails. We provide Web Services in REST ful and SOAP arenas, giving flexibility and reach even to your existing Web Services for Mobile. We have developed a wide range of Web Services Solutions for Android, iPhone, HTML5, Java Mobile and BlackBerry customers.

At Cloud Future Technology we use automated testing tools extensively, so we can reduce overall development plus testing time. Our solutions have extended to customers from fields like Sports, News, Entertainment, Travel & Transportation among others


PHP application development supports a wide range of utilities. Being an open source technology it effortlessly supports third party development tools and technologies. PHP is a server side language and therefore acts as a standalone interpreter for most operating systems.

PHP is one of the widely adopted and applied scripting level languages. It is used in the development of dynamic, interactive, flexible, compelling websites and web applications. PHP application development, whether for a website or web app, has always been an economical yet safe technology.

Cloud Future Technology has a good array of resources with expertise on PHP development with experience on multiple long term projects. Our developers with their expertise know the most functional ways to utilize the power and capacity of the PHP environment.

Cloud Future Technology PHP development services cover

  • Custom PHP application development
  • Enterprise-grade CMS/CRM and eCommerce application development using prevalent Open Source frameworks such as Drupal and Magento
  • Migration of Web applications
  • Integration of applications
  • Maintenance and support for existing applications.
Ruby on rails

Rails, being a framework with available libraries to use and reuse without writing new code, contains many libraries of Ajax functions – and these play the role of JavaScript in an Ajax process.

Rails uses a model/view/controller (MVC) architecture, which is a software architecture where the data model, user interface, and control logic are separate components. Simply put, when one component is changed, it doesn’t impact the other two.

Java Development

Java brought a revolution in web development in the IT industry. Being a community driven enterprise-level technology, Java EE has contributed a lot to the business world. With support from industry experts and organizations, Java EE has proven to be one of the best technologies for all types of enterprises. It’s a rich software platform that allows developers to create & implement productive solutions for a range of industries. As Java is open source, it enables developers to bring products to market faster through added convenience, improved performance, and reduced development time.

Developers at Cloud Future Technology are committed to develop server side applications based on Java application servers such as jBoss, Tomcat, etc. Our Java EE developers build applications with the help of technologies such as Hibernate, Spring, etc as well as with the use of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).

The Cloud Future Technology Java development team is also able to integrate various databases based on the requirement of clients. Some of these include MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle

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