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The ongoing evolution in mobile technology has made it necessary for enterprises to apply mobility solutions for enhancing accessibility, convenience, security and time efficiency both for employees and their customers.

Mobile devices have come a long way from being used to communicate, check mails, send messages, etc. to being a utilitarian device with seamless possibilities. The inception of mobile apps has truly transformed mobility into a disruptive innovation. Whether they use mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices, or even smart devices or wearable’s connecting to the web, customers and users today want to have all the information they need available at their fingertips. Mobility is fuelling the convergence of social, cloud, and analytics into a single, cohesive experience.

This is what has made Mobile First the de facto standard for all businesses competing for online visibility and retain and grow their market shares. Business processes now need to be transformed for seamless mobile usability – to enable customers to access information and do business transactions anywhere, anytime. Enterprises today are realizing the need for their products, services and information to be easily available on mobile – and the need for a partner that can help create responsive solutions to customer expectations and competitive challenges.

IOS Application Development

When we talk of mobile applications, the word that comes to our mind is iOS . Apple Inc, the pioneer in the application market place today has almost 30 percent smartphone users. iOS as an operating system has been always a preferred choice for Mobile users as well as developers. iOS phone boosts a various function with high end graphics.

Cloud Future Technology iOS team is adept at making iOS applications and has been supporting all versions of iOS. Our preference is always to go for the latest iOS version and recommend our clients to go for iOS 8.

We have vast experience of developing applications for iOS we have experience of developing more than 300 iOS apps. Our range of solutions not only covers iphone but ipod and ipad as well. Our expertise is backed by providing solution into various domains – Retail, Travel, Media, Payments, Education, Healthcare among others. Our range of services include

Windows Application Development

Windows phones have been around for year and are prominent in the business community. It had been a most trusted platform with enterprise users. With their launch of Windows 8 for mobile and desktop Microsoft is trying to minimize the gap by providing a single platform. The main benefit is to enforce an enterprise-wide mobile security policy, ease of provisioning, carrier independence, close integration with Exchange and support for Office – as some of the enterprise-friendly features of Windows Mobile. Microsoft has started targeting the consumer market with the introduction of Windows Phone 7, thus moving to a close competition with Android and iOS.

Windows 8 is a second generation smartphone platform – its counterpart Windows Phone 8 supports multiple resolutions and multi-core processors, near field communication, backward compatibility with Windows Phone 7 apps, and removable storage. It has a redesigned User interface with Tile based system – taking it miles ahead of the existing User Interfaces of Android and iOS. Additionally, Windows Phone 8 includes features aimed at the enterprise market, such as device management, BitLocker encryption, and the ability to create a private Marketplace to distribute apps to employees. Windows Phone 8 also supports over-the-air updates.

Android Application

Android is the leader in Smartphone operating systems, commanding over 60 percent of market share with over 1 million applications hosted on Google market. The Android Bot is no stranger to our developers. Android, being an open source operating system lets developers create mobile apps, which take full advantage of all features a handset, or device has to offer.

Cyberlinks has more than 8 years of experience developing android applications and has over 400 applications under the portfolio. Cyberlinks’ Android team has worked on multiple domains – such as Retail, Media, Travel, Entertainment and Education. Some of our Android applications are Top Rankers in their domains, achieving upto 1 million + concurrent users.

If you have applications on other smartphone platforms and want to port them onto the Android platform, you’re at the right place. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in deciding which features of the Android platform your app can best leverage for optimal performance and user experience.

Android being an open source platform, provides more functionality to the developer, while writing codes with various version of Android phone – the latest being Android 4.4 Kitkat. Though we have the capability to write codes for versions 2.3 and above, we always recommend our clients to go for latest version.

Cross Platform Applications

Instead of having platform dependency in case of mobile applications, one can choose cross- platform mobile application development. One of the main reasons to restrict a business to a single platform is because of the time effort and budget required for multiple platforms. On the other hand with cross platform mobile application development, businesses can go with different platforms. The mobile application are powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

At Cloud Future Technology, our teams know how to merge native and web technologies to develop cross platform mobile software and have been advising our clients to opt for cross platform. With our vast experience in cross platform development, we can enable clients to go mobile in speedy and economical manner, without restricting their consumers to a single platform. This help our clients to serve a broader array of customers without exceeding their budget constraints.

Mobility Simplified – from Cloud Future Technology

Cloud Future Technology helps customers create world class enterprise level mobile solutions that are seamlessly integrated into their ecosystem From optimizing chipsets for custom devices, to integrating middleware platforms, to building mobile apps, we work across all layers of mobile technology to deliver fail-safe, revenue-driving solutions. solutions that stand out in the market.

Whether the product is consumer-oriented or enterprise-oriented, our mobile and cross-industry expertise enables us to collaborate with businesses across all market segments and all phases of the product lifecycle. We work with our customers to design and execute their mobile strategy to create unique user experiences, across industries, be it

  • travel companies wanting to simplify the availability of flight and passenger information
  • media companies providing seamless video experience over mobile devices
  • retailers needing to process payments on the fly
  • education companies delivering comprehensive online lessons and services
  • banks / financial services companies providing integrated mobile banking
  • healthcare providers making clinical services and information available online

Cloud Future Technology’s End-to-End solution approach to Mobility is geared to address the needs of enterprise customers across:

    • Understand business objectives, evaluate organizational requirements
    • Develop a mobile strategy and roadmap – Mobile First approach
    • Create U/I solution
    • Revalidate, modify business processes
    • Create the solution architecture – Responsive Design
    • Develop high end, enterprise mobile apps
    • Build an integration plan
    • Build required security features
    • Mobile app and device testing
    • Deployment and Release across multiple platforms

Our Competencies
Our comprehensive expertise or mobile application development enables rapid creation and deployment of applications across mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry.

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